Gain power over plug-in devices and conserve energy.

The intelligent snap on/off wall socket—In a word: “Super.”


Optimize Energy while protecting property and lives.

The SuperSocket incorporates unique features and cognitive automation that will substantially lower your utility costs by reducing energy consumption by a minimum of 30%. It also prevents overheating and arc fault sparks, which often lead to electrical fires.

Plug and process loads (PPLs) consume about one third of primary energy in U.S. commercial buildings. N2 real-time analytics and Ai actions achieve aggressive PPL energy reduction covering

a wide variety of consumer and industrial electrical equipment such as computers, refrigeration, cooking, information processing, medical treatment, and food services etc.

All SuperSockets foreign and domestic are built with child safety features. The combination of gas sensors and wireless communication provides insights and controls from virtually anywhere of each and every plug load in your property portfolio.

Make smart things smarter – you’ll never look down at a socket again

The intelligent socket brings optimal management and control to all plug-in devices. It wirelessly interacts with other smart devices to provide smarter analytics and optimization. Even “nonsmart” devices that draw energy on standby power can be optimized to save energy. No need to physically unplug devices to save energy.