Eco friendly SuperGrid

Reduce utility waste with cognitive computing

Make everyday Earth Day.

The SuperGrid delivers greater efficiency and performance.

The N2 SuperGrid integrates and communicates with our super components and smart devices including electrical devices like heating, air conditioning, safety, security, and other operating assets and machines. Collecting data and leveraging the power of cognitive computing to achieve insights and actions that were never imaginable

before. N2 also connects with renewable energy making it be more viable and sustainable by coupling it with advanced battery storage technology. The SuperGrid seamlessly coordinates a pathway to a cleaner, greener environment.


The lofty road to NetZero.

N2 doesn’t just build hardware and software, it revolutionizes industries with cognitive decisions combined with cloud-based artificial intelligence to create safer working and living environments.

N2 has a strategic alliance with companies like IBM Watson to lead the way to NetZero properties and WELL Building Standards. In the long run a dedicated passion for a cleaner, more sustainable environment, lead to a better quality of life for all of us.